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a Testimonial audio from (Team Leader) Winder Lyons!
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Winder Lyons also recorded this short 5-minute over-view about
Colostrum Click Here
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A very Informative call with Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, PhD (aka Dr. K) talking
our "CornerstoneColostrum6To listen to the call  Click Here
Or you can go to: or you can dial into:
(641) 715-3589  pin. 315 743 794# then enter reference 71#

Here's another great call on our "Flagship" product LimuZ6
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Or dial: (641) 715-3589  pin. 315 743 794# then enter reference 72#


For anyone wondering why our Colostrum6 is so necessary for
anyone wanting to be healthy this puts it into perspective! 
Check out

April Update:
Click Here for a new 3 minute audio of Dr. K. (Owner, Formulator & Manufacturer
of Anovite) talking about Colostrum and why we are the Best!

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