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October Updates:      
           We now have another Team site

Check out our 2 New Team Sites (both about the same just different Top Links):      &

So, have you seen the updates on:
with the New Enhancements to our Comp Plan?

This is another very informative video and it's also on the Top link above Colostrum & Its Benefits

A few Updates from 2015:

Check out our New Team site:

Special Discount Members Updates:
*Have you checked out  yet?
*Checked out the video that was just added to the bottom?
Also be sure to Login to your back office and Click on "Resources" and
check out the new pdf's on the top, we feel you will be impressed!

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Also have you had a chance to check out:

         Check out our New Team Site that was just made for us:

Question, have you seen the New "$100 Colostrum6 Starter Pack"?
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A Few Updates from 2016
* Click Here for Dec. 15th call with a few testimonials on how our great products work!
* Social Media Fun! Click Here  to learn more!
*We are working on a New Page:  (we still need to work
on spacing and a few other things)  So what do you think of it so far?

*New Team Domain:  (goes to

* New Top Link "Recorded Calls"

* Once again a great page on how to work a Bi-Nary

This is one amazing video!
(This video is made by one of Immune Tree's Wholesalers  and takes you to his site where people can buy retail
from him.....might I say a very informative site,  since we are all Anovite Discount Members that should not matter)


Hello my name is David Rubright.  I’m one of the many TEAM leaders for the Anovite MIH (Make It Happen) TEAM.  I’d like to personally welcome you to our TEAM, along with all the other Anovite leaders here at Team MIH!.

First things first:
Be sure to log in to your back office.  As an Anovite Associate (customers too), you have been given your own FREE website.  Once you’ve logged in, click on “My Profile” (top left). 
Make sure all the required information is filled out correctly. Be sure to fill in your banking
info in the side link "Edit Bonus Account Information" that's if you would like to be paid by
Direct Deposit (every Friday morning if you have commissions coming)

November Update:

We have been asked for a short Bio on the formulator/manufacturer of our
Wonderful Products and Owner of Anovite, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith PHD (aka Dr. K)
 Click Herefor his short Bio

*Also check out this New APP that just went live:
Every Discount Member can download it for Free for the month of January,
use your Anovite User Name & Password! To keep using it for No cost just
be an active member (50BV every 30 days)
Here's to a Happy/Healthy (& Wealthy) New Year!

On our Thursday June 21st weekly call we discussed a few points that make a company successful and we drew from the recent article from MLM attorney
Kevin Thompson
"10 Simple Heuristics to Identify Healthy Network Marketing Companies! If you would like to check out the call go to:
This is Not one of our normal calls and after you listen you will know Why Anovite!
          By the way you will hear my voice a few times on the call....hint,! 

As of October 23rd The $100 Star Bonus to recognize your fast promotion has been extended to 28 days from the day you joined Anovite!
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Also All the Team Product sites are now updated with back labels, prices and new/replaced pictures:

Click Here for a very short & very informative
Facebook Live Dr. K did on the 19th of January

Mid-January Update: We just did a major over-haul on:

UWe Have 2 New Top Links.....
Colostrum For Pets and Get Paid To Share

October 14th Update:

Last night we had another very informative call with Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, PhD
along with Jeff Jordan discussing the benefits of our Flagship product 

Click Here to listen online or go to:
Or dial (641) 715-3589  pin. 315 743 794# then enter reference 36#

We have a few questions for our Discount Club Members that are sharing our Wonderful Products...
*When was the last time you where in your
Back Office and clicked the Top Link "Resources" and 
  checked out all the New Stuff?
 * Have you have a chance to listen to our weekly call from May 31st? If not here it is:
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We have two New Team Domains for you to use:
(They also go

Special Updates:
Scroll to the bottom of to check out our
New Compensation Plan Full Overview Video

WELCOME TEAM MEMBERS!  We’re pleased to have you as part of our TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).  We’re here to help you achieve your “MORE”, whether you’ve joined us as a retail customer, wholesale customer, or business partner.  Whether you’re here to simply take advantage of the award-winning wellness supplements to promote optimum health for yourself and your family, or whether you’re here to enjoy optimum health AND financial freedom, we look forward to helping you meet YOUR personal needs and goals. 

Mid-September Update:
For anyone wondering why our colostrum is so necessary for everyone wanting to be healthy, this wonderful intro call puts it all into perspective!
Click Here  for the Toll Free 3 minute call info (yes just 3-minutes)

We had a Great call on January 10th talking mostly about Weight/Inch Loss, for the recording:

Or dial: (641) 715-3589pin. 315 743 794# then enter reference 160#
For all the documents talked about you can also find them on:

Soon we will have lot's of great updates and info to help us with growing are business!
For now check out out these pages/videos:

Sample Welcome Letter (with Team sites)
Anovite Compensation Plan
(this is a must read)   (great audio and Resources)

Click Here for more Updates:
New site launched on October 1st with tons of New Enhancements,
 Link for the 30 minute Infomercial, a Great New Tool from
Healthy Living Magazine, updated "Kids" & "Pets" Team Pages,
"what do you promote", a video on how to use the Dr. Oz piece,
Phone APP Zoom, recording for Saturday's Training and so much more....

September Update:

Check out this new team site about working a Bi-Nary like a 2x2
Binary Building - The proper philosophy


End of August Updates:
Got a little under 4 minutes? 
Click Here to check out a Testimonial
audio from Presidential Founder (and Team Leader) Winder Lyons!
Click Here to see the Transcript (pdf) of the audio.

Got a few hours......

If so
listen to a series of radio interviews Dr. K did back in December 2010 check out:

Also have you had a chance to check out:
We feel this will answer a lot of questions you might have on how
your compensated for sharing these wonderful products!

*Just added 4 New Links (pages) to
*Added a New pdf on top of the link "The Healing Crisis"! Since our products might work to fast
for some it's a  good Idea that everyone checks out this page so they know what "Might" happen to
them...this will help us with a lot less calls from people saying "Your products are making me sick"!

* Here's a few more Team domains we can use now:

If your new to Anovite or have members in your downline that are
Click Here for a 28 Day Checklist Guide to Reaching Star Associate

It's Finally Here! Anovite's New Pet Line

We added a New 3-minute Audio from Dr. K. to the First Top Link  (there is also a new drop down box on that top link), have you seen the 2 minute video on top of the 2nd Top Link yet? Also we see a lot of people still have Free Into Packs to have Anovite to send out for them, have you checked out yet?

Click Here  for October 12th's company call
and Saturday the 7th Training webinar

Below are a few updates for this year and even more from years past:

* If your giving away the Free Intro/Sample Packs we feel this
New Team Site can help:

* Just updated with the new
   enhancements to our Comp Plan
* We have yet another New Team site:
Here’s  a very informative video on Leaky Gut, IBS and Diverticulitis
Since this was made for Immune Tree and has links I would let people know the relationship between Anovite & Immune Tree  and ONLY send these to people you know!

                 Click Here  for a write-up from the   
  on our Flagship Product  Limuz6
                                      (Click Here  for a short recorded call about this and other updates)


In our *Back Office under "Resources" we have a New pdf on how to give away the Free Intro/Sample Packs  (plus Many other New pdf's you might want to check out)
You can also find the link on this Team Page:

Also have you seen this new video yet?

*While your in your Back Office Click on the Top Right "Commissions" and click
  on the 3 left side links, you will find some New Tools that might help you?


Click Here  for for one of many radio interviews Dr. K. was a guest speaker on

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