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We truly live in interesting times. In so many ways this is true but no more than in the arena of health and wellness. Along with an emerging awareness among medical professionals and researchers of the importance of a healthy immune system there is a simultaneous realization that we are on the verge of disaster. 
Research in nearly every field of medicine is indicating that a healthy immune system is key to avoiding all disease. Even cancer is being recognized as a condition of compromised immunity. In fact cutting edge treatment centers (including the highly regarded number one MD Anderson) are not only recognizing this but employing immune building methods in their treatment protocols.
This realization has come none too soon however as immune system deficiency is becoming a noted issue throughout the world along with an alarming incidence of new superbugs and antibiotic resistant organisms.
These bugs are already responsible for over 23,000 deaths/yr and yet many deaths are not reported as such so it is actually unknown just how severe this issue is. 
Every year we are also seeing the emergence of new disease threats from things as varied as Zika, h1n1, chikungunya, west Nile, bird flu and Ebola. Along with increased incidence of autoimmune diseases like Lupus, MS, Parkinson's, ALS, Chrones, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Chronic inflammatory conditions, life threatening infections, neurological, and degenerative metabolic and orthopaedic conditions all on the rise.
The need for effective support of our immune systems has never been greater. Especially now when it is understood if your immune system is functioning properly your body will not succumb to any disease.
The solution, is an overall immune system reboot and there is nothing on the face of the earth that is as effective or more nutritious as true 6 hour bovine colostrum complete with all 97 immune  A fact that is supported by nearly 8,000 published studies. Contrast this to Goji Berry"s 44, super greens 177, Noni's 101 or even anti oxidant vitamins 1400. 

And when it comes to true 6 hour colostrum there is nothing better than Anovite. The mother company Immune Tree has been growing by 30%/yr for 25 years because it does things right, has been repeatably certified by a prestigious Ivy League research center at Cornell University as not only the best but the one and only. The good news is  recently they've opened a network marketing division that is offering 26-38% discounts with a remarkably generous compensation plan.
Those who realize the importance of timing and take advantage of Anovite's positioning and the imminent need for its products stand to help a lot of people and make an  absolute fortune.
Anovite (which is Latin for a new you) offers a complete line of health products all based on this amazing ingredient for not only immune but weight loss, fitness, anti-aging, GI function and even healthy skin.
The seven ingredients in Anovite"s innovative LimuZ6 product have an accumulated 12,000 published studies and scientific articles detailing their many benefits. Many are already experiencing the life changing effect of using this nutritional whole food powerhouse. Looking, feeling and performing better with more youthful vigor, strength and energy than they've seen in years. 
So now's definitely not the time to wait. Get back to the person who gave you this number, get more information and get started with Anovite right away. The world has never experienced such a need and the solution has never been more within our reach.

Disclaimer: This site is owned/operated by Team MIH an Independent distributor