Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith


Anthony Kleinsmith holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition from Chatworth College and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah.  He served as the Marketing and Research Director for a prestigious anti-aging clinic, utilizing growth hormone injections as the basis for their anti-aging treatment.

With a fraction of understanding from being raised on a small dairy farm, where he utilized colostrum to start his first business raising day-old calves, he jumped into the research of the components found within colostrum. The research he conducted on the growth and immune factors found in Colostrum inspired Dr. Kleinsmith to develop a line of products engineered towards; Anti-aging, Immune enhancement/regulation and Inch-Loss.

With years of research and testing through laboratories such as (MVTL) Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories and (FPL) Food Products Laboratory and working with Dr. Don Lein, Professor Emeritus Cornell University, Dr. Kleinsmith is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on colostrum.  He is sought-after for radio and TV such as Green Patriot & Robert Scott Bell and more; he travels worldwide in his continuing efforts to enhance the level of health for people everywhere.  He is an accomplished author; his first book, “Colostrum: Mother Nature’s Healthy Alternative for Every Generation” selling over 500,000 copies worldwide and his latest book, “First Milk Diet: Your Anti-Aging Secret” being distributed throughout the world by eleven publishing houses. The topic is all about the researched benefits using colostrum that range from heart disease, diabetes to inch loss and more!

In 1993, Dr. Kleinsmith launched his first International Company to manufacture and distribute formulations that have a very positive impact on multiple systems.  This entire line of products has been marketed to hundreds of thousands of loyal customers in 40 countries who have achieved life-changing success for close to 25 years.

Dr. Kleinsmith’s goal is to improve the lives of as many people as possible by giving them access to the health generating properties of formulas built as the result of years of research. Volumes of medical research at top universities support the anti-aging, immune building and health generating claims of Colostrum.

Unlike many fad health products built upon supposed health properties of blueberries, noni root, and goji juice, hundreds of research studies by top universities and hospitals on both human and animal subjects have demonstrated a variety of health benefits for Colostrum.  Even more, Dr. Kleinsmith has subjected his products to test after test by both MVTL and Cornell University.  These 3rd party tests have continually confirmed the superior quality his products.

Dr. Kleinsmith lives in Lehi, Utah with his wife, Trish and three children.

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