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Colostrum6 from Anovite is Mother Natures perfectly formed natural Nano-technology for balancing the body and helping with Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Immune Enhancement & Regulation. With over 700 constituents in their "whole food" form, this first food gives us all of the Anti-Aging Factors, Immune Factors, Essential Factors, Basics and Metabolic Factors which allows your body to fully absorb this first food giving us what we need for Youth, Health and Vitality! Our natural Chymosin coating protects and insures bio-availability. Without this natural protection, the constituents found within colostrum can be destroyed by stomach acids. Colostrum6 from Immune Tree comes from USDA Grade A (United States) bovine that are BSE, antibiotic, pesticide and hormone free. We use only the first milking to guarantee potency and quality. We have a 100% money back guarantee. Immune Tree Colostrum6 is natural and more anabolic than synthetic compounds. If you are looking to enhance your physical and mental performance, whether it is endurance, strength, stamina, health or energy; Colostrum6 has all the building blocks for enhanced performance, Naturally!

Short Description

*Colostrum6 certified to be True Colostrum by Dr. Don Lein from Cornell University!
*Perfect combination of Growth Factors, Immune Factors, Essential Factors and Metabolic Factors!
*Colostrum6 increases strength, stamina, performance and recovery; for the athlete or the working person!
*Promotes healthy intestinal flora, supports the entire GI tract and gives you all you need for a better functioning            immune system!
*Encourages cellular re-growth for healthy skin, bones, muscles, nerves and cartilage, making you more youthful and providing wellness!

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Colostrum And Its Benefits

The medical benefits of colostrum have been revealed by research and studies all over the world who discovered that colostrum can be a very effective in fighting off diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, cold, flu, hepatitis and more. It is also effective against digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and ulcers.
Colostrum is extremely efficient in battling viruses and infections because it is loaded with immune agents and powerful growth factors. In a human body, the thymus gland, located at the upper chest of the body, fights viruses and infections by producing white blood cells and T-cells. Unfortunately, because of toxins and nutritional deficiencies, it shrinks to one tenth of its size by the time a man reaches 40. Researches have revealed that regular consumption of colostrum can help the thymus gland to re-grow to its youthful size. (About the Thymus Gland: Thymus Gland )

Colostrum is used in many of the following ways:
Colostrum may improve muscle mass to body fat ratio
Colostrum may eliminate bacteria, candida, fungi and viruses
Colostrum may combat depression and enhances mood
Colostrum may reduce allergic reactions
Colostrum may balance blood sugar
Colostrum may regulate blood pressure 
Colostrum may rejuvenate skin and muscle tissue
Colostrum may support healthy joint and cartilage function
Colostrum may promote healthy intestinal flora
Colostrum may accelerate healing of injury or trauma
Colostrum may increase endurance and workload capacity
Colostrum supplement may reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections.
Colostrum may function as a laxative, helping clean out meconium, helping reduce the incidence of jaundice in the newborn baby.
Colostrum contains anti-inflammatory factors, which may reduce swelling associated with continuous use of joints.
Traditionally, colostrum has been used as a remedy for treating diarrhea; a condition which is caused by harmful bacteria. Colostrum binds and transports iron in the body and is beneficial for iron-deficiency anemia
Colostrum may help ward off and fight various types of cancer.
Enhances overall immune system and may help boost natural resistance to illness and disease.
Colostrum may provide anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection, creating unfavorable conditions for growth of numerous harmful microorganisms including those responsible for common health problems such as colds, influenza, diarrhea, ulcers, gum disease, and yeast infections.
Colostrum may improve state of chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, colitis, irritable bowel, leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and HIV.
Colostrum may heal digestive system and enhances nutrient absorption.
Many people also take it for help with dieting and bodybuilding, and to help in athletic and anti-aging health regimens.

Disclaimer: This site is owned/operated by Team MIH an Independent distributor