March 17th update:
Below is a write-up from Dr. Gus Brooks, D.V.M. (Head of the Anovite Veterinary Medical Board)
that was posted in our March
Anovite Way Newsletter:

Coming Soon To A Home Near You Later This Month! 
Anovite's New Pet Line: Feline6 and Canine6!
As many ofyou who are pet owners know, it is never an
issue to pamper and provide the best care for our furry friends!
  Now We Can Help Pet Owners Have Healthier Pets!....
& Pets Can Have Healthier Owners!
We See No Downside Here!  Let Everyone Know How You
Can Be Of Help To Them & Their Pets! 

 If you want more info please get back with
the person that sent you here!

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