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Here's an e-mail/ad for giving out the Intro Packs....

Why not Try it before you buy it?
Would you let me send you
a Free 90 count bottle of our
Colostrum6 capsules &
8-servings of our
Limuz6 ?
Yes even shipping is included if mailed in the continental U.S.)

If so send me your name, cell phone # & e-mail so I can
text/e-mail you a short video from our Phone APP!

Questions? Please feel free to call/e-mail me,
Your Name
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Link to your Anovite site
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  Your under No obligation to ever buy anything or
pressured to
share these wonderful products with anyone!


Here's one for fresh leads from people looking for a home based business!
Note: I would leave off the "Comment" on the bottom (just wanted you to see it)

Subject: Happy Monday XXXX, so you're interested in making money from home? This is Not a Autoresponder

My name is XXX XXXXX and I see you're interested in making money from home, please feel
free to call/e-mail/text me anytime to see if what I have is a good fit for you! In the mean time
why not ask for a
Free 90 count bottle of our Colostrum6 capsules and 8 sticks of our Limuz6:
www.FreeIntroPacks.Today (your under No obligation and yes even shipping is included!)

Here's to a Happy, Healthy & Wealthy New Year,
Your Name
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Your Anovite link

P.S. To learn more about our No Cost Discount Membership also check out: (then get back with me so I can answer any questions you might have)

Received: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 11:57 AM CST
To: Your e-mail address
Subject: You have a lead interested in working from home

Lead Details:

FirstName: Laura
LastName: Mosin
Email :
Phone: 3302333564
City: Boylestown
State: OH
Zip: 44231
Country: US
Comments : Be sure to contact your leads right away! Talk to your team if you need help or tips on creating a process for your lead follow ups!
Free_Lead_Tips : Lead Script


First e-mail after someone asks for a Intro/Sample pack

If you don't know them and/or have not talked to them then I would Not send out the first part below!

Hello Again Xxxx,
Below is an e-mail I normally send to people before I send it out, since we talked I felt
I did not need to and just wanted you to see it any ways! Please reply with your Mailing
Address and I'll have Anovite get in the mail.

Your Info Here

From: Your e-mail Address
Subject: (Re: Anovite) Xxxxx, about your No Cost Bottle of Colostrum6 capsules & 8-sticks of Limuz6

Hello Xxxxx,
Thank you for your request for a Intro/Sample pack of Anovite products, We feel our
products to be of the highest quality and strive to get our sample products
potential customers who will use the product and give us an honest and accurate
synopsis of their
experience. We would like your commitment to accept correspondence
from a representative of
our company regarding your experience with the products we
send you.  We would ask that
you answer the questions below so we can ship
your Free Bottle/Samples as soon
as possible:

#1.)  Do you commit to using the sample products sent to you from Anovite?
Yes or no

#2.) Do you commit to reading the literature we send showing the potential health benefits from using our products?
Yes or no

#3.)  Would you be open to receiving information on how you can save off the retail cost of our products.
Yes or no

#4.)  Would you be willing to discuss your experience with one of our company representatives via telephone
after you have had a chance to use our products?

Yes or no

#5.)  If after trying our product would you be open to receiving information concerning our
Associate Program whereby you could get our products at a discounted price as well as have
the potential to earn an income via our Business Opportunity?

Yes or no

f you answered YES to the above questions please reply to this e-mail with
your US mailing address
and we will get your Intro Pack into the mail!

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

As always to our Health & Wealth,
Your Name
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Link to your Anovite site

P.S. You will also get 8 servings of:
(check out this 5 minute video and info on our flagship product)

Yes we are product based (with them being Less than you can find in stores and on online
at our parent company Immune Tree) but we can also make a great income too "If we
want to" just by sharing them (Not selling them) 

Heads-Up: Also I'm going to send (or sent) you a Text from our Phone APP: 
You might want to send this the day you know they got their Intro Pack in the mail,
to see if it they have go to your back office, click on the top link
"Orders" then click
on "My Orders". If you send the e-mail a day of so "After"
they got it you might want
to change the below to something like this:

I see you got your Intro pack on Monday......

Subject: (Re: Anovite) Xxxx, about your No cost Intro Pack and best way the use the little you got!

Hello again Xxxx,
I see you got your Intro pack today, please let me know if
I/or Dr. K can answer any questions you might have!

Hope you're having a Great Week!

As always to our Health & Wealth,
Your Name
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Link to your Anovite site


Note: Just a little FYI, below is an e-mail I sent about the Free Intro Pack
         you just got, hope it helps!


------ Original Message ------
From: "Your e-mail address"
To: "Crystal"
Subject: Re: Crystal, about your No Cost Intro Pack

Good Morning Crystal,
FYI, the products you're getting are our Core product Colostrum6 (in capsule form)
and our Flagship product LimuZ6! With this small amount of Colostrum some
"Feel" it soon, some feel it after it's gone (if they take it the 11 to 15 days until gone
and Not spread it out) and some need to take it for a longer time to feel it! No matter
if someone feels it or not it's still working in their body......With the LimuZ6 many
will feel it in 30 mins.....
especially if they take 2 packs in their first drink!

Now about how to take the Colostrum6 Capsules:
The bottle says to take 3 Two times a day on a empty stomach (minimum 20 mins. before
a meal...30 to 45 mins. or more would be better), if you can, I would take 2 Three times a
day (same 6 just spread out more) and if you want, another 2 before bed!
That way the
colostrum would always be in your system. Now, if you start feeling bad (detoxing) and
just can't take it until everything is flushed out I would just take a little less (like maybe
One 3 or 4
times a day) but do Not Stop!

or more info on "The Herxheimer Reaction/Detoxification" aka..... Healing Crisis

Check out:

Also when you take the Limuz6 be sure to drink it with 2oz. or less of water stir fast
for 1 to 2 seconds then drink it, I like to take mine between meals (I also take one
before really helps me sleep!)

  As always to our Health & Wealth,
Your Name
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Note: The New Prospect Share Packs: Combination LimuZ6 (8-sticks) & Colostrum6 (90 count); Anovite will send
samples one at a time to your different prospects on your behalf (all requests need to be sent from Our Phone APP:
You get 2 with the New "$100 Colostrum6 Starter Pack"  (sent to you) and New Distributor's will get
- FREE with their First Year $39.95 membership fee or $24.00 each or 10 for $160.00  shipped to you or
10 for $180 and they will ship out for us!

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