Below is Very Important to understand about the Fast Start Bonuses
(from page 6 of the comp plan

What Is Fast Start Qualified?
You are Fast Start Qualified when either (a) you have purchased a Fast Start Pack yourself
at the time of enrollment or (b) you have generated a total of 300
QV (Qualifying Volume) over
your career as an Anovite Associate member or (c) buy a
Colostrum6 Starter Pack anytime!

As an *active
(have bought or retailed 50BV in the last 30 days)  and being a Fast Start Qualified Associate,
you will earn Fast Start Bonuses on the purchases of Fast Start Packs by your personally
enrolled Associates. You will also earn Fast Start Mentor Bonuses on the purchases of Fast
Start Packs by the personally enrolled Associates of your personally enrolled Associates .

                                                          BV          QV        **To you           **To your sponsor
Total Health Pack                         100         300              $ 75                         $24
The Colostrum6 Family Pack    100         300              $75                          $24

** You will get these Fast Start Bonuses ONLY If your *active and "Fast Start Qualified"....see above in Blue!

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The Anovite compensation plan ROCKS!
We have many New Enhancements and more to come this year...

* ALL associates will earn money on First Order;
(Fast Start Bonus is on packs, and First order bonuses on ALL other First Orders)!
*Earn Rank Advancement bonuses from Star Associate through Silver!
*Increased Matching bonuses from 10 to 100%
* Now we can get the Car/Life style Bonus even faster!
***Smaller cycle requirements; Cycle with just $100 in your pay leg!
***WOW, $25 Cycle Bonuses for the first two cycles....EVERY WEEK!

For the complete Customer Acquisition Comp Plan
Go to the Company site and be sure to
pay attention to pages 5 &19

If we like a movie, restaurant, a service est....most of us would
share them with others, why not get paid to share these
wonderful products (I said "Share" NOT Sell)!

 Below is a re-cap on how we are compensated for just sharing!
Please get back with the Friend/Person that sent you here so
they can answer any questions you might have!  

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