Suffering from Crohn’s, *Leaky Gut,
IBS or Diverticulitis?
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*Colostrum for leaky gut

Colostrum is one of the most effective supplements for treating leaky gut syndrome. As colostrum reaches the gut, its immunoglobulins start attacking pathogens in the intestines and prevent them from causing damage. The growth factors present in colostrum have anti inflammatory properties that can help repair damaged cells of the intestinal lining. Colostrum contains antibodies that can prevent bacterial colonization as well as prevent antigen penetration in the GI tract. For best results however, you should make sure to consume colostrum from a trusted manufacturer. Leaky gut syndrome is a major cause of serious conditions like diabetes and colostrum can come in quite handy in dealing with it.

Colostrum is also an immune system stimulator and also has numerous growth factors for the digestive system. It prepares the intestinal lining for attachment by good bacteria.

Anovite’s colostrum supplements can be your ideal choice if you want to try colostrum for healing your leaky gut. Of all other supplements, colostrum is thought to be the best by many experts because it is a completely natural supplement with no side effects. Anovite’s colostrum supplements have been certified as products containing true colostrum by University of Cornell, NY and so the quality is unparalleled and is the best that can be found in the market.

Whatever measures you take, keep in mind that the healing process of the leaky gut doesn’t happen overnight. It can be a difficult task and you will need a lot of patience. Start practicing healthy habits from today and consume the right kind of food items and supplements in order to reach your goals sooner. Besides the facts mentioned above, you should also be careful about many other things. Vitamin deficiencies, gut irritants like smoking, certain antibiotics and painkillers can also worsen your already ailing gut. Your motive should be focused towards resuming the natural balance of the body which is the key to solving many of the health issues. Follow the right diet with proper nutrition and avoid foods that can harm your intestinal lining as well as take proper health supplements such as colostrum powder or digestive enzymes.

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