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Why Anovite?

Anovite, representing Immune Tree Colostrum-based products is a 20+ year enterprise in the making. Immune Tree products have been sold in over 38 countries worldwide and remain the undisputed global authority on Organic 6-hour Certified Colostrum production, manufacturing and distribution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve and expound upon the information that is correctly available regarding colostrum and its benefits for both the human and animal population. This is done by providing expert analytical research, standards and guidelines on the application and use of our products by the consumer.

Nationally and Internationally recognized products; written and spoken about in national magazines and radio, such as Healthy Living,
Green patriot Radio and endorsed by internationally recognized radio personality Robert Scott Bell.
Over 20 years of success
Debt Free
Vertical inergration from producton to manufacturing.
Formulation, Processing and packaging that's GMP, FDA and USDA certified manufacturing facilities.

For more into please get back with the person that sent you here!

*Here’s a few examples of your Anovite Discount:

Colostrum6 Capsules (180 Count/500mg ea)
Retail: $43.75       Member: $35.00

Colostrum6 6.5 Oz. Powder
Retail: $65.00        Member: $52.00
Colostrum6 2 lbs. Powder
Retail: $202.50     Member: $162.00

Limuz6 30-sticks
Retail: $70.00    Member:

Besides Associates/Members being able to save
*Money off retail they and Retail Customers are able to be part of.......

Anovite's 100% Optional Auto(Smart)ship Advantage Program—
Product For Everyone

Autoship (aka Smartship) is our optional automatic monthly ordering program for Associates and retail/discount customers.

In addition to our lucrative referral/compensation plan, Anovite offers both Associates and retail/discount customers
the opportunity to earn FREE product credit as a loyalty reward of our Auto(Smart)ship Advantage Program.

Free product credit is awarded in gift certificates at the beginning of each month, calculated as a
percentage of the prices you paid for items on your Autoship orders in the previous month:

         Autoship Consecutive
                Month Count       Percentage  

Months          1-3                      10%

Months          4-6                      20%

Months          7+                       30%

What Should I Do With My FREE Product Credit?

We recommend that you use your free product credit to try new products or to order more of the products you love best. You may redeem your free product credit on individual orders placed that are not Autoship orders.
Each gift certificate you receive will expire 12 months after its issue date.
To maximize your free product, stay on Autoship. The percentage of free product you will earn monthly increases
based on the number of consecutive months you have Autoship orders. If you skip a month or more, you’ll start
over at 10% when your Autoship orders begin again.

(pronounced A-Nova-Tay)

(A-Novi-Te) is the latin version
Meaning "A New You"

Disclaimer: This site is owned/operated by Team MIH an Independent distributor