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So do you pitch products and what they "might"
be able to do or do you pitch the opportunity?

We have heard it 1,000 times. The recipe for success is to look for
people with a problem and then help them solve their problem.

But here is where most of us get off the rails. We think the solution
to the prospect's problem needs to be based soul on the products
that we're selling.

 For example, someone might have a problem of high blood pressure and then we think that if we can show them a product that can help them with their high bold pressure that we are on track to being successful.

We do not want to burst anyone's bubble
but that is a tough game to play.

First, how long will it take you to become knowledgeable enough about the health benefits of the products you sell to be able to know if what you sell will actually help people with their health problems?

 And not only that, how long will it take you to know what is
and what is not acceptable for you to say?

 Based on our experience, you are talking about months of time to gain this knowledge. And that is where we run into the problem.

 The common person has given up on the possibility of building
a huge business with you because in their mind it is taking too long
to make any money. (If it takes 3 months to get educated about the products and the average person quits after 6 weeks, they can not
see this working, so they give up.)

 So what's the answer?

 Instead of just looking to solve someone's health problems let's
look to solve their cash flow problems then they can afford to
solve their health problems!

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