April Update:
Click Here for a new 3 minute audio of Dr. K. (Owner, Formulator & Manufacturer
of Anovite) talking about Colostrum and why we are the Best!

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For anyone wondering why our Colostrum6 is so necessary for
anyone wanting to be healthy this puts it into perspective! 
Check out

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Please check out the last top link for more info!

Got a little under 4 minutes? Click Here to check out
a Testimonial audio from (Team Leader) Winder Lyons!
Click Here to see the Transcript (pdf) of the audio.

Winder Lyons also recorded this short 5-minute over-view about
Colostrum Click Here
to listen


A very Informative call with Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, PhD (aka Dr. K) talking
our "CornerstoneColostrum6To listen to the call  Click Here
Or you can go to: https://fccdl.in/CuzrL645a or you can dial into:
(641) 715-3589  pin. 315 743 794# then enter reference 71#

Here's another great call on our "Flagship" product LimuZ6
Click Here to listen online or go to:
Or dial: (641) 715-3589  pin. 315 743 794# then enter reference 72#

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