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Alan Sickman
on how to properly build a binary comp plan and why!
Alan earned over $135,000/month doing it this way -

We would like to thank Team Leader Winder Lyons
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Hello my name is David Rubright Presidential Founder
with Anovite and here's my 2-cents on "The Bi-Nary"

We hear it all the time " I don't like Bi-Narys"!
Did you know if you would work a Bi-Nary like a 2x2 it really
is one of the most easy and lucrative comp plans there is?

All you need to do is help 2 people with their 2, then you and your 2
help those 4 with their 2...est.....! When people STOP worrying about
"Power Legs" and just help 2 personals (yes one on each side) with their 2 you will see your Team and income grow!


We are not making any guarantees of income. Your success will be dependent upon what you do.

  From Team Leader
Winder Lyons:

Binary Building - The proper philosophy

Most binary comp plans fail for most people, because most people building binaries build them improperly, and they are therefore doomed to failure from the start.

This is totally preventable. Binaries, properly built, will not fail, are quite stable, and will last decades.

Here’s what I mean: most people are taught (and believe) that they are primarily only responsible for building one leg, and that their sponsor and/or upline
is responsible for building their other leg, the leg known as the “power”, or “common”, or “big” leg. That methodology, theory, and practice is the reason binaries fail, and will only and inevitably lead to failure every time........

Here’s why: if everyone only builds one leg and that leg goes really deep with a lot of people joining and building - all’s well for a while. 

All of the folks down the leg are having their “big leg” built by the people below them building their own inside or “pay” legs. No one is putting people on the common, or “big” leg.

But what happens to the bottom person in the chain, or what if there are only weak builders down below? 

If someone only builds a strong inside leg and gets no help with the other leg, what happens to their income?

It stops and (usually) so do they. So there’s the really big rub: the chain then begins to unravel from the bottom up. 

And after the folks at the bottom quit (or never produce), the people above them no longer have a built “big” leg, so their income also stops. So what do they do? Usually they also quit.

And so on up to the top of the group. Game over, failure up and down the line.

Relying on someone else to build a leg for you creates unsurmountable weakness that will destroy your team and cost you your income.

The way around all of that is simple: build both of your legs equally.
Take personal responsibility for building both of your legs.

If you want to have long term success in a binary, you have to take responsibility for building 2 legs and never veer from that - 

It does not matter what anyone else is doing or how much “spill” you are getting from above, you and you alone are responsible for your own success. 

If you rely on others for a leg, there is no guarantee it will remain or last. If you build each leg properly, your income will continue no matter what happens to the rest of the leg.

Disclaimer: This site is owned/operated by Team MIH an Independent distributor